The Lufbery Flyers RC Club came to life in 2020 from the merger of two existing AMA clubs:

Both clubs have a long history in the hobby of radio control flying, spanning over decades. We bring new pilots to the hobby, train them, have a building club with lessons on building or re-building airplanes, an annual swap meet, at least four annual flying events, etc.

We fly at Lufbery Aerodrome, which is located inside Cedar Creek Park in Seaford, New York (Long Island.) Our field is dedicated to Raoul Lufbery, a French-born pilot who flew and died fighting for the Allied forces in World War I. While in the USA, Raoul Lufbery actually flew out of our Aerodrome, which is why we dedicated the field in his memory.

Instead of competing with each other and/or duplicating efforts, we decided that it would make more sense to join forces and resources to build a bigger, more diverse club.  It took us a few years to decide on it, but we finally did it. We completed the merger in late 2020. And here we are!