Lufbery Aerodrome is where we fly

August 2023 update: Our flying field is now a FAA-Recognized Identification Area!

  • Located in the southern-most section of Cedar Creek Park, our Aerodrome provides us with a great facility to pursue Radio Control flying of model airplanes, helicopters and quad racers. Also within the park is a tether car track.
  • Cedar Creek Park is located at: 3340 Merrick Rd, Seaford, NY 11783. Take Wantagh Parkway heading South, then get off at exit 6 East – Merrick Road. The park entrance is on the right, just a few blocks east of the Parkway.
  • We have two intersecting paved runways which allow us to fly at all times regardless of wind direction.
  • In 2010 our field was renamed “Lufbery Aerodrome” in honor of Major Raoul Lufbery who by the end of World War I was a leading ace with 17 official kills. Major Lufbery was killed in action in France in 1918.
  • In August 2021 Lufbery Aerodrome was recognized as an historic site by the Town Of Hempstead, New York! A ceremony took place on August 14, 2021 during which Nassau County officials unveiled the sign designating our field as an historic site.

In order to fly at Lufbery Aerodrome you will need:

– A current AMA membership card which can be obtained from the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) at a current annual cost of $75. AMA membership for flyers under 18 IS FREE! Check our “Links” page for the AMA website.
– An Aerodrome permit from the Cedar Creek Park Office. Nassau County residents pay $20 and non-residents pay $46 per year.
– FAA registration, which can be obtained online at the FAA web site (check our “Links” page)

We welcome everyone who wants to learn how to fly. We have experienced instructors on hand who will be happy to teach you the fundamentals of RC flying until you are approved to fly solo.

HOW IT WORKS: Your first Aerodrome permit will be labeled “Novice” and you will be  required to fly with an Instructor on a “buddy-box” system. 

In order to fly solo, you will be required to take a test (if you are an experienced flyer you can request to take the test right away.) Once you pass the test, your permit will be upgraded to that of a “Senior” pilot, which allows you to fly alone.

Field Safety: Our field has rules that must be followed by every single person who flies here. When you apply for an Aerodrome pass you receive a copy of these rules. You can also download them HERE.

Some of the most important safety rules:
– The field is open for flying ONLY when a Controller (Safety Officer) is present.
– No one can fly alone. No exceptions.
– Aerodrome pass must be worn while inside the pitts area and on the flight line.
– Aircraft must be flown within the field boundaries at all times, especially on the side close to the Parkway.
– All aircraft, from “foamies” to giant scale, MUST BE labeled withe the owner’s name, phone number and AMA number. The FAA number must be featured on the outside of each aircraft.
– Drones are not permitted to fly here, just like in any public park of Hempstead Town, NY.

Common sense, courtesy and a civil tongue ensure that all of us have a good time at the field.  

Below is a nice write up on our field on “Newsday”, Long Island’s local newspaper.